Radmacher v Granatino: Where to Find It

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The Honeymoon Most of you will probably have found this already, but I thought I would post this link to the Supreme Court website where the Radmacher judgment is published in full. There is also a version of it on the Guardian law page hosted on Scribd, but for some reason when I tried it last night the print button wasn’t working, which isn’t terribly useful for oldies like me who can’t read more than five pages on a screen without feeling dizzy. My younger readers may fare better. Family Law Week‘s website, which I believe is still free to subscribe to, has what looks like an interesting analysis by James Turner QC here. I will try to round up as much of the early analysis as I can, as soon as I can, but it will probably take a few days.

This beautiful illustration comes courtesy of Coffeelatte on Flickr and is the work of John R Neill, who illustrated the original Wizard of Oz and other Oz books. It is just about 100 years old (published 1914) and I think we can safely say that the concept of marriage has lost a lot of its romance since, and has just lost another little bit of its sparkle. Mind you, I don’t say that’s a bad thing.