Lack of information = child poverty

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From the McCord Museum of Canadian History collection on Flickr

I make no apologies for directing the attention of all advisers to this important press release from the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission. No doubt many of you will have come across the automatic assumption among many separated parents that to obtain any maintenance at all for the children, they have to go through the CSA (and they don’t want to do that for many different reasons, most of them good ones). The result is, as the press release points out, that children often miss out on financial benefits and in some cases financial security.

Note that 25% of all separated parents did not speak to anyone at all to get advice about the financial support of their children; a further 25% spoke only to their mothers. All Nanas out there should take note, and also take note of the website address But this is an issue for all advisers, including lawyers — and note that 29% of separating parents did not want to involve lawyers. We came in only 2% ahead of the CSA! We can all make our clients aware of this important resource, whether they have legal problems or simply practical ones.

This beautiful image from the collection of the McCord Museum of Canadian History collection on Flickr reminds us of the bad old days (or it ought to). The children are probably Irish immigrants living in Goose Village, Montreal around about 1910. The little one doesn’t look too happy about being photographed, does she?