Edlington trial: Judge refused access to Serious Case Review

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A busy day today. Those who keep up with this blog will know that I take a very keen interest in openness in the family courts and the comparisons, sometimes invidious, with what happens in criminal cases. In that regard I bring your attention to this story from the Times that Mr Justice Keith has been refused access to the full Serious Case Review in the case of the Edlington children, despite the fact that Peter Kelson QC (for the older brother) wanted the Judge to be able to read in full prior to sentencing how he believed social services and other authorities had failed the children. The decision was taken by the Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board, although I have to question whether this particular child is being “safeguarded” by having access to important pre-sentencing information about him withheld from the trial Judge. It may well be that this is not a case where the professionals involved are putting their interests in front of the childrens’, but the problem, as I think I have said before, is one of perception. What conclusion will the public draw from this turn of events?