Amin v Amin: Chancery’s Approach to a Property Tangle

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by Tina Manthorpe on Flickr; all rights reserved

The case of Amin & Another v Amin & Others [2009] EWHC 3356 is now up on Bailii here and looks like an interesting read. In many ways it is exactly the kind of case this blog was set up to pick up on, since it is a family property case par excellence. “Others” is something of an understatement: there were no fewer than 18 defendants. There are company law issues, but it is said (I haven’t had a chance to read it through properly yet) that it sets out some very useful guidelines to the Chancery Division approach in dealing with complex family arrangements involving multiple properties/multiple ownership. If you want to find out for yourself you can read it on Bailii (you have been warned: there are no fewer than 614 numbered paragraphs!), but if you want to wait for the boiled-down version, I will be posting my take on it sometime next week.