A Familiar Tale of Woe

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charmkin family

By Merwing Little Dear from Flickr

I’ve just got back from a week away and will be rounding up some interesting developments over the past few days, but thought I would start by directing the attention to this very familiar tale from the Times. If you’ve come to this blog looking for information about your rights when living together, I urge you to read this story, which is very typical, to see what can go wrong. The moral, as always, is get proper legal advice. My professional legal readers will note the all too common aside that this couple congratulated themselves on holding on to their money for fixtures and fittings, and keeping it out of the clutches of the lawyers. Note also the womanly attitude, sadly very typical in my experience, that it isn’t romantic to discuss these things: Mills and Boon have a lot to answer for in the opinion of your humble servant. Still, fortunately for them, these two managed to sort it out in the end, which was just as well given the amount of equity in the property. On this topic, there is an interesting comment in the Times here to the effect that over the next few years, the nation will become divided into the equity-haves and equity-have-nots. It’s already happening, I think, with serious consequences for the unwary cohabitee. More on that anon …